Embracing Peace at the Key West Custom House art museum

Return Visit arrives in Chicago on the eve of the Election

Return Visit arrives in Chicago and the Cubs Win!

                    Seward Johnson’s 30 foot tall “Return Visit” sculpture was installed at Pioneer Court on Michigan Avenue in Chicago the same week the beloved Cubs won the World Series!  A massive sea of parade goers surrounded the sculpture!Read more

Honoring Veterans … Embracing Peace is cleaned and prepped!

                    The 30 foot tall Embracing Peace sculpture by Seward Johnson shown at Sarasota, Florida’s beautiful bay front, was cleaned and prepared for the annual Spirit of ‘45 Day on August 14th. This day honors all of our veterans with celebrations that took place around the globe.Read more

Embracing Peace in Royal Oak, Michigan

The monumental-scale Embracing Peace sculpture was just installed at the site of the future home of the Michigan WWII Legacy Memorial in Royal Oak, Michigan, outside of Detroit.Read more

Abe Arrives in Crown Point, IN

The 36′ monumental sculpture of Abraham Lincoln talking with the common man about the famous Gettysburg Address, has arrived in the state where our 16th President was born.  The sculpture by Seward Johnson is titled Return Visit.   The 272 word speech, which ran less than three minutes, was delivered in 1863, and is still considered the greatest and most influential statement of national purpose.  This unique and inspirational exhibit will rise above the city at the CP Sportsplex, through to the end of the year (2016). The people of Crown Point, Indiana also welcomed twelve life-size bronze sculptures with great excitement.  These works are from artist Seward Johnson’s series, “Celebrating the Familiar”, which draws attention to every day activities, and "Icons Revisited", which highlights famous images from popular culture. Included in the exhibition are the delightful Forever Marilyn, and figures reading poetry books, sharing newspapers, and having conversations.  There isRead more

Forever Marilyn

36,000 pound “Forever Marilyn” sculpture installed at museum in Bendigo, Australia The three-day process of installing Seward Johnson’s dramatic eight metre high sculpture, Forever Marilyn at the museum in Bendigo, Australia, has concluded and the artwork is now on view to the public. Crowds of onlookers watched as Forever Marilyn, 25 feet in height, weighing 36,000 pounds (15 tonnes), and made of stainless steel and aluminum was assembled on site with cranes.  The sculpture is based on the iconic photo by Bernard of Hollywood, where a gust of air raises the skirt of Marilyn’s white dress. This is the first time this world-renowned artwork will be shown outside of the US, having previously been on display in Chicago, New Jersey and in Palm Springs, California. The sculpture is part of American artist Seward Johnson’s Icons Revisited series, which explores why certain images remain a point of focus over decades. Other works in that

Read more

Le Mémorial de Caen, Caen, France (Normandy)

Embracing Peace, the 25 foot tall sculpture which honors the moment in Times Square when the end of World War II was announced, is sited at the museum in Caen, France. This setting, near to the Normandy beachfront, is an ideal location for the work, following its exhibitions in Civitavecchia and Rome. The year, 2015, marked the 70th anniversary of this celebratory event when the homecoming of troops was imminent and life could begin anew.Read more

Times Square, New York – 70th Anniversary of the end of World War II

The weekend honoring the veterans of World War II, all servicemen and women, as well as all of the workers on the Homefront, is every year on August 14, 15 and 16. On this weekend, Embracing Peace was installed in Times Square for a “kiss in” with music and dance of the era provided by the Spirit of ‘45 organization, the Times Square Alliance and the Seward Johnson Atelier.  A teeming crowd joined the kick off on Friday, August 14th, with sailor hats and red roses for all! Dressing up in period attire was encouraged!Read more

Lincoln Arrives in Troy, Ohio

Troy, Ohio hosts a spectacular exhibition of Johnson’s Return Visit through Spring 2016. This sculpture, 31 feet in height, features Abraham Lincoln standing with a modern man discussing the Gettysburg Address . Artist Seward Johnson wishes to draw attention to the aspects of the address that continue to provide valuable insights for today’s world. The sculpture was unveiled on May 3, 2015 and remains on view in front of Troy’s emblematic City Hall. Accompanying events are numerous, from a film festival of Lincoln-era subjects, to the anniversary funeral train, which will roll across the US in the month of September.Read more
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