Points Of Departure

Points of Departure

Every artist strives for utmost creativity. This desire often leads to the creation of works that veer from the structures and ideas most often reflected in the artist’s existing collections. Here we find many of Seward Johnson’s uniquely personal sculptures including his first monumental- scale public artwork The Awakening. This giant, emerging from the earth at 70 feet in breadth and l7 feet tall, became an international sensation while in Washington, DC.

“It seems as though I’ve had the story of The Awakening described to me in at least sixty different ways. People have asked me if it’s the Second Coming, or Gulliver. I’ve had Buddhists write to ask if it symbolizes man breaking free from bondage, as it does in their religious tradition. A piece like The Awakening is always a hell of a lot of fun because the scale produces such strong effects. Every volume of fairy tales or myths has stories about giants, starting with the Greeks and before.” – Seward Johnson

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